Marvel’s Iron Man VR Game Revealed at PlayStation, Releases In 2019

Iron Man VR Game

Sony’s Play March 2019 live stream revealed a few new games coming to PlayStation 4 in the near future. Sony has recently announced a new Iron Man VR game for Sony PS4. Which, called Marvel’s Iron Man VR Game. The VR game puts you behind the visor of the Iron Avenger. The announcement of iron man VR game trailer for this can be seen above. Marvel’s Iron Man VR were among the trailers that stood out.

The trailer from Sony’s State of Play March 2019 stream. Marvel’s Iron Man VR lets you play as Iron Man as you fly around destroying foes in the superhero’s suit. While, Sadly the trailer didn’t use actual gameplay footage. Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be out in 2019, but there’s no definite launch date.

This stream didn’t feature any massive announcements, but focused more on games coming to PS4 this year, with a special focus on PlayStation VR (PSVR)

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Iron Man VR Game

We have no full details about Iron Man VR’s gameplay. While, Anyone who’s been keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe might recognize Friday as the assistant that Tony uploads into his suit after his previous assistant, Jarvis, evolved to become Vision during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

While, The game looks like Iron Man will be play entirely in first person without customary cutscenes. Combat is a mixture of flight, repulser blasts, and punching. You use the PSVR headset to look around, as attacks can come in from all directions.

Iron Man VR currently scheduled for Sony PlayStation VR and will release sometime in 2019. So, as Sony Worldwide Studios involved, Iron Man VR could be a PS4 exclusive, but that has not been confirmed.
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