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Mi Soundbar Review

The popular soundbars come with a wide range of prices. They are costing more than Rs. 10,000. But, now The Xiaomi Mi Soundbar comes in the budget segment in indian market. Mi launch his new Soundbar only for Rs 4,999. The soundbar promising a big boost to your TV’s audio quality. Now, we review this Mi Soundbar.

Mi Soundbar design

The soundbar is very well build. While, the price of very less. It has a fully plastic body all around. Which feel solid design. From the front, there have a fabric mesh .Which
premium looks white and classy. The cons of the white design is it easily became dirty.

Mi Soundbar design

There have some physical buttons on the top of the soundbar for input options and the volume controls. At the back, there are brackets to wall mount the soundbar.

Mi Soundbar Specifications

The Mi Soundbar features some physical inputs include optical as well as coaxial S/PDIF, stereo RCA line in connectors, Bluetooth 4.2 and a 3.5mm socket. It has a frequency response range of 50-25,000Hz. In the soundbar have 20mm dome tweeters x 2, Passive radiators x 4, 2.5 inch woofer drivers x 2.

Mi Soundbar specifications


The Mi Soundbar did succeed to improving his sound quality. Which only spending Rs. 4,999. The Soundbar was louder than most of the TVs, which have a rated output of around 20W. The front-firing drivers of the soundbar and the use of eight distinct drivers had a positive effect on the sound quality. Which came great sound quality.

In this soundbar you can hear voices clearly. Voices did tend to sound a bit sharp. We were able to distinctly and clearly hear dialogue and vocals on the Soundbar than through the normal TV’s speakers. You can watch movies and playing game with this soundbar.

Mi Soundbar port

The Mi Soundbar has four passive radiators which do to make up for the lack of a subwoofer. But not like other expensive soundbars. The difference in quality is considering the price. But it generate great quality of audio. Action and thriller movies & shows on Netflix, with strong bass and deep. Which enough for the Soundbar.

The Soundbar sound quality benefited from the use of the multiple drivers.

The Mi Soundbar can also used for music through any devise. Music can sound a bit awkward because of the tuning, which emphasises the low-end and mid-range. It might be fine worked best for us when used with a TV.

Soundbar buttons


Considering the price point and performance, the Mi Soundbar is a great speaker for your TV. It perform impressive, for gaming, watching movies and even music. It also has connectivity options that can connect to old TV. The soundbar is good built and looks & feel too good. If you have a budget of Rs 5,000 to buy a soundbar for your TV. The Soundbar is still absolutely worth it for anyone looking for an entry-level soundbar.

Price : Rs. 4,999

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Mi Soundbar

Rs. 4,999

Design & Build






Value for Money





  • Affordable Price
  • Best for TV sound
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Only S/PDIF cable included in the box
  • No remote with this

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