Motorola RAZR Foldable Smartphone Comeback for $1500 on Next Month


The one of the iconic cellphone- The Motorola Razr cellphone. The Motorola’s ultra-thin, flip phone was comeback in the early 2019 on next month. The Motorola’s device is set to make a come back next month with a new design in the premium segment. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lenovo owned Motorola brand is likely launching his RAZR smartphone with a foldable display on this year.

Lenovo owned Motorola hasn’t confirmed the razr phone report yet. The Motorola Razr had officially released in 2004 dubbed as the Motorola Razr V3 with an ultra-thin stylish design. Reportly, The phone is sold over 120 million units in four years.

Motorola and US telecom operator Verizon to launch a phone in February and could bring back RAZR smartphone with a thin design and it was also the thinnest mobile. Back in 2011 and 2012, the companies had worked with to launching Droid Razr Android smartphones with a thin design form factor. The motorola phone Razr was also the thinnest mobile phone in the world at its launch time. 

Last week at CES 2019, we spotted the Royole FlexPai, the world’s first foldable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy F is also might be launching them in 2019. So wait to launching Lenovo’s Motorola Razr in 2019 that price could be $1500 (approx Rs. 1,04,000) . 

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