Netflix new Weekly Subscription Plan at Rs. 65 in India

netflix subscription

Netflix, the American media service provider was launch a new weekly subscription plan for Indian users. This Netflix subscription plan is to be available for a starting price of Rs. 65 per week in India. After three years when, netflix india plans with three different plans starting at Rs. 500 per month to Rs. 650 and Rs. 800 plans. Here’s netflix app for windows also available for PC.

Netflix also provided the basic plan is for mobile plan which will start at Rs. 65 for per week. while the Basic plan at Rs. 125 per week for SD only.

While, there will be a Rs. 165 per week for standard plan on two devices in HD and the Ultra plan of RS. 200 per week for four devices in 4K.

Netflix subscription

The mobile plan is the lowest pricing subscription Plan . Which will allow watching on one screen at a time. This subscription Plan will be offering only SD content of unlimited Netflix movies, Netflix tv shows and Netflix anime. Netflix is launch a monthly plan for mobile starting price at Rs. 250 per month. Which has similar as the basic weekly plan.

Netflix subscription

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In India Netflix subscription is the most expensive streaming service. While, in india have other streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hotstar. Which priced cheaper than Netflix. The Amazon Prime offers Price Video and Music for Rs. 999 per year while Hotstar offers its VIP subscription for Rs. 365 per year. But now, the new weekly plan is the entry barrier.
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